Wholesale Restaurant Food Distributor

The British dining public is more demanding than ever before; they are quality savvy and price conscious. The restaurant trade is also more heavily regulated than ever before. This all means that restaurants like yours need to be sure that the ingredients and food products they buy meet the highest quality standards. But competition is fierce, so you also need to keep costs down and profit margins up.

That’s where wholesale restaurant food distributors Celdron comes in. We supply a comprehensive range of leading brands, fresh foods and quality ingredients at prices that support restaurant owner-managers.

Wholesale food distributors to help your business

In an age when restaurant reputations are challenging to maintain and supply chain problems can cause loss of customer faith, there is something equally important as high quality and keen price - 100% reliability. Our state-of-the-art sourcing, warehouse and distribution systems are designed to never let you down. But it is also a bespoke service - providing flexible and adaptable wholesale food supply to your individual restaurant.

You need it. We respond. Celdron wholesale food distributors have worked hard to create a great reputation by keeping restaurant owner-managers happy. You could say our reputation is your business. From pub food to fine dining, and from the most basic of ingredients to handy short-cuts, we balance quality and freshness with cost-effective food solutions.

Always fresh, straight to your restaurant

Stringent regulations on catering establishments and consumer demand mean that truly fresh ingredients need to be the linchpin of the modern restaurant. Our fresh products come straight from farms, fishing fleets and artisan producers to give you an auditable supply of the best, with the shortest possible supply timeframe and the keenest prices.

Celdron are also restaurant food distributors who understand the hospitality and leisure sector’s need to innovate. So, we stay ahead of food trends, with an ever-expanding range sourced carefully from the best suppliers. This means Celdron don’t just supply quality and price-conscious wholesale food for restaurants - it offers creative inspiration for chefs.

Call us today for more information and to find out how we can help your restaurant business thrive.